A Butterfly Without Wings

Written by David M. F. Powers

Illustrated by Natalia Nesterova



Accelerated Reader Quiz:164931 .5 points
Sofcover ISBN: 9780982727164
Hardcover ISBN: 9780982727126
Price: $10.99 / $19.99
Trim Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Page Count: 48

Foreign Rights:Available





When a caterpillar spots a green leaf waving from the top of a tree, he doesn’t think twice about the dangers lurking about. Instead, he comes up with a plan and doggedly inches his way towards the leaf.

A Butterfly Without Wings is the charming story of a hungry, self-confident, and determined caterpillar that refuses to let obstacles stop him from reaching for his goal. The caterpillar proves that if you believe in yourself and set your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. With snappy dialogue, humor, and perfect pacing, award-winning author David M. F. Powers captures the spirit of determination and self-confidence.

Powers’ spirited text is perfectly paired with artist Natalia’s colorful and very lively artwork. Parents and their children will love reading and re-reading this celebration of confidence.

Teaching Aid

A Butterfly Without Wings emphasizes strategic thinking and is in line with common core principles of teaching. A Butterfly Without Wings proves valuable in problem solving scenarios, word problems, tying into lesson plans, and emphasizing journal writing.


“A Butterfly Without Wings is a delightful fable about a feisty caterpillar who is determined to surviving enough to eat his tasty green leaf, despite multiple encounters with potential creatures with designs to eat him. He is creative, spunky, and quick, but best of all, he imagines himself as “a butterfly without wings,” not a caterpillar. Kids will love this sing song, spunky tale of an imaginative caterpillar who will live to see another day as a butterfly. The green and sunny illustrations bring “A Butterfly Without Wings” to full life.” –Midwest Book Review