By Grace We cannot Love

By Grace We Cannot Love

Written by Sara Blackwell




Price: $11.99
Trim Size: 5″ x 8″

Foreign Rights: Available

Release Date: 11\05\2018




Catalina is dead. When she wakes, she finds herself in the eternal realm of the Province, a place of light and contentment, where emotions are meaningless and pain and conflict are never felt. She eases into a new state of being, one of endless celebration and charity, as well as helping to keep the Chronicles of all entrants into the realm. Yet, though Catalina has left her human life behind for good, human curiosity can be harder to shake. This becomes all too apparent when she comes across a new name in the Chronicles: Anna, her granddaughter on Earth. However, not only is Anna destined for the Province, she is destined too for Gehenna, an eternal realm of extremes where punishment and emotional calamity reign. It has to be a mistake, but there are no mistakes in the Province, and Catalina will not rest in paradise until she gets to the bottom of this impossible fate, until she can find a way to protect her granddaughter from suffering in a land of unthinkable torment.