Secrets of Skerries: Son of Blood


Written by Craig Jones

Cover Art by Asharaf E. Shalaby


Accelerated Reader Quiz #
ISBN: 978-0692021712
Price: $10.99
Trim Size: 5″ x 8″
Page Count: 204

Foreign Rights: Available



Martin is a four hundred year old vampire. Together with his son, Christian, he protects the idyllic nature of the coastal town of Skerries, for a significant cost; the blood of the strangers who outstay their welcome. Martin knows his soul is cursed and that, when the time comes, he will burn for eternity in the depths of hell but he strives to ensure that Christian will never have to take a human life and thus be reunited with his human mother in heaven. Revered, respected and feared, the town’s people know little about the vampires that coexist with them except that when they are called upon, they come. This is something that the seemingly unassuming town Mayor manipulates for his own benefit. It is not until he learns of the forbidden love between Christian and his daughter and the mysterious death of one of the town’s teenagers, that the Mayor and residents turn on their supernatural guardians.