Starburst Juju


Written by Monica Strang

Cover Art by Natalia Nesterova


Topic – Subtopic: Family Life-Parents; Mysteries-Kidnappings; Science Fiction-Aliens


Accelerated Reader Quiz #163694
ISBN: 9780982727133
Price: $12.99
Trim Size: 5″ x 8″
Page Count: 264

Foreign Rights: Available





Every year, on February 20th, aliens come to earth for a few horrific minutes to abduct an unfortunate human and leave. But these aren’t the cute and cuddly creatures of E.T. They are monsters. And they are mean. As in, “Falling Skies” mean. Tomorrow is February 20th…who will be taken this time? There’s no way Pepper would have guessed that it would be her parents.

For fourteen-year-old Pepper, finding out that your parents are not who they’ve always claimed to be is disturbing — especially if you saw them kidnapped by aliens a few months ago.

After witnessing her parent’s abduction, Pepper learns that they are not the humble human schoolteachers she thought she knew, but two of the most powerful inventors throughout many worlds. Desperate to find them, Pepper will do anything to get them back, even if it means traveling with her witty friend Parker to her parent’s home planet while guided by a cat-like creature named Ando.

On this new planet, Pepper learns of her parents’ past and the Starburst Juju, a stone that can free her parents from alien confinement. With her friends and a multi-functional weapon that her mother invented, Pepper goes in search of the Starburst Juju to free her parents.