The Familiar Gallery

The Familiar

The Familiar Catalog

Written by Tatiana G. Roces

Cover Design by Pamela Sinclair



Price: $10.99
Trim Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″
Page Count: 240

Foreign Rights: Available




On a day that should have been just like any other, 17 year-old Hazel Smith wakes up naked, disoriented, and bleeding on an unfamiliar kitchen floor… So begins a jolting series of bizarre events that lead Hazel to uncover her family’s mystical secret that will change her world forever.
The young “familiar” is summoned to a unique camp hidden deep in the forest to harness her newfound ability of shape-shifting into animal form. Camp Chameleon instantly offers welcoming friends, intriguing counselors, and a series of challenging activities that help Hazel to grasp her powerful gift. However, when the camp is suddenly threatened by age-old dark forces, Hazel must embrace her evolving power and finally follow in her mother’s legendary footsteps