Book Updates from Pants On Fire Press

We have several updates to share with you. First let’s talk Paranormal Properties by Tracy Lane. This is a fun tale about 14-year-old Jake Weir, who while working on the set of his parents ghost hunting TV show, learns that he can see and hear ghosts. Jake quickly finds himself agreeing to help a ghost investigate a 61 year-old murder.

And it’s not just any murder. It’s the ghosts murder. It’s a fantastic read. We are happy to report that Paranormal Properties is on schedule. We just delivered a heavily edited script to Tracy. Once she returns the script it will be one step closer to production. A rough sketch of the book cover will be available to preview later next week. We can’t wait to see what Natalia has come up with. It looks like the teaser trailer will be released sometime before Halloween. Exciting stuff, for sure! Be sure to like the Facebook pages of Pants On Fire Press and Paranormal Properties.

The Kringle Chronicles: Catching Santa is getting a reboot. It’s getting a new book cover and the name David M. F. Powers will be credited as the author alongside the existing name Marc Franco. We would prefer to drop the Marc Franco name but it would present some logistical challenges with Accelerated Reader so adding the authors legal name will suffice and help distance us from the gay porn author named Marc Franco.  Natalia is delivering the new cover sketch sometime next week. Be sure to like the Facebook page of The Kringle Chronicles: Catching Santa.

The Tales From Farlandia: Ozette’s Destiny script is almost edited. Becca is finishing up with heavy developmental edits and should deliver the script to Judy Pierce around October 8th. Book cover sketches will be shared next week. We can’t wait to see Natalia’s handy work. Be sure to like the Facebook page for Judy Pierce.

Our picture book, A Butterfly Without Wings, is in the design phase. There is a lot to consider when designing a picture book. Fonts, art layout, type settings and text placement seem to change on a daily basis. We have settled on Gill Sans Light for the interior font. The text looks great. In the end we will have a truly marvelous book to be proud of. We are excited to announce that the book has grown from 24 to 32 pages. The book is scheduled to be translated into French next week. Korean, Hindi, Chinese and Japanese are next. I almost forgot. A Butterfly Without Wings Facebook page needs more fans before it lets us create an official Facebook page name. Please help us by liking the page here.

Editing begins next week for How I Became A Teenage Survivalist. Scout Pictures began shooting a full live action trailer for HIBATS today. We’ve read the trailer script and can’t wait to see the footage. If any of our readers have been watching the new NBC show, Revolution, you’ll be happy to learn that HIBATS tells a similar tale, though not so science fiction. HIBATS actually teaches you how to survive, if you pay attention to what Bracken, the narrator, tells you.

The Pants On Fire Press website trailer section is now displaying our YouTube hosted books trailers and teasers. We hope you have enjoyed this update. Stay tuned for some promotions being announced very soon for teachers.