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Book 2 in the Paranormal Properties series.

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As far as Jake Weir is concerned, he’s living the high life. Paranormal Properties, his parents’ ghost-hunting show, has been picked up by the popular Scream Channel, and if their new high-rise apartment on San Francisco Bay is anything to go by, the future is definitely looking bright. However, that future depends on one important thing: the success of Paranormal Properties’ first official episode. If Jake and his family can prove themselves with an exciting, successful premiere, they get to stay with the Scream Channel – if not, well, Jake doesn’t want to imagine going back to the desperate life they used to live. To succeed, the Weirs are going to have to tackle their biggest case yet.

Old, infamous, and abandoned for decades, the Balthazar Hotel is thought to be the eternal prison of its inhabitants, victims of a terrible fire that nearly destroyed the hotel in 1921. The Balthazar holds many secrets, and many memories, and as the Weirs investigate the mysteries surrounding the hotel in a race to complete the first episode, they quickly learn that things are much more complicated, and more dangerous, than they seem. Even with the help of his obstinate best friend Tank, and the fearless gangster ghost Frank Barrone, Jake starts to wonder if saving Paranormal Properties is worth it, if they may not even get out of the Balthazar Hotel alive. Ages 9 and up.