Powers Publishing Services Package 2


– Manuscript edit.
– One eBook Conversion to mobi and epub.
– One eBook Design.
– One Physical ISBN.
– One LCCN Assignment.
– One Cover spread.
– Create accounts for you on Google, Amazon Kindle, Create Space and Barnes and Noble Nook Press.
– One hour of account management training.
– One Fact Sheet.
– One Press Release.
– Social Media PR.
– Trade Review Coordination.
– 30 days distribution management.
– Submission to our foreign rights and Hollywood agents.
– eBook trade distribution.
– eBook and paper royalty management.

$2070 which includes the $10 annual maintenance and one time $50 ingestion fee charged by our distributor. Distribution agreement is for 2 years. Distributor retains 15% of royalties. You retain the remaining 85%. Distribution offers marketing exposure to all retailers, libraries, etc. That is what the 15% distributor royalty is for.

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